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      Cleaning Automation is a Taiwan-funded enterprise engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of environment friendly automatic cleaning equipment and surface treatment. It boasts of highly skilled and experienced employees and many years’ experience in industrial cleaning. 

     CA customizes cleaning equipment for clients based on their actual needs, so it can meet the requirements from different fields of industry, like auto parts, metal plate stamping, powder metallurgy, medical apparatus and instruments, semiconductor, micro motor, optics, computer manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, to name just a few.

     CA aims at satisfying clients’ demands and bringing benefit to them to achieve a win-win situation. 

     CA strives to be a company characterized by “high quality, best service, excellent employees and integrity”.

     CA holds “detail-oriented and make it the basic criteria by which the product is manufactured” as its principle.

     CA has been applying itself to the R&D and designing of its product, and consistently improves on manufacturing

process with a view to becoming a leading company of its kind. With automatic production, environmental protection and energy saving as its mission, CA provides A-standard in terms of cleanliness for clients, and at the same time provides them with environment friendly, investment and operating cost saving solutions.

We at CA are committed to providing you with the solution that suits you best. Satisfying clients’ demands and bringing benefit to them to achieve a win-win situation is our constant objective.

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