Heat treatment hydrocarbon cleaning machine

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This cleaning system USES hydrocarbons, and cleans the workpiece with solvent and solvent vapor under vacuum, heats the solvent under vacuum negative pressure, volatilizes the solvent, separates the solvent from waste liquid, and then cools and recovers the solvent, and finally dries the workpiece under vacuum negative pressure, with low energy consumption, no emission and no waste.
1. Vacuum compound cleaning
(1) in the high vacuum with solvent spray washing, dense loading and complex shape of the parts have a better cleaning effect.
(2) in high vacuum with solvent steam cleaning, using the vacuum boiling principle of the workpiece with screw hole or blind hole has a good cleaning effect, can achieve high quality cleaning purpose.
(3) low vacuum under large flow solvent unreal spray cleaning. Make up for the cleaning dead space left by high vacuum injection, so that all products and all parts can be fully cleaned.
2. Safety and environment guarantee
3. High efficiency, energy saving, low operation, high efficiency solvent regeneration.
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